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Martini Mondays

martini1In the middle of the madness that is Manhattan, if you’re lucky, you’ll stumble across an oasis. Intimate wine bars, bumpin’ Brazilian meat-fests, even local goodies from famous street vendors. For me, my miracle came in the form of a martini bar. Not so much a bar, as, really, a normal Italian restaurant. No, not my faves Vintage or Divine. But Pazza Notte. Quick glances at the menu revealed standard staples like pasta, insalata, antipasti, even the ever rich risotto. But what caught my eye was the 2-for-1 martini. Yup, 2-FOR-1 Martini! I’ve walked by this restaurant hundreds of times over the last three years, noting the all-night, every night special. Why I haven’t walked in before, I don’t know!

It was the celebration of a friend’s 30th ā€“ I mean 21st ā€“ birthday that reeled me in, and boy was it worth it. Though only offering nine varieties of martinis to choose from (blood orange, white peach, green apple amongst its best), the downside is, you’re only permitted to order two of the same flavor. No mixing. And, if you feign ignorance, and order two flavors, they’ll bring you four martinis! But ’tis not the end of the world. The restaurant has a back lounge with super comfy couches and chairs, and if you’ve got a big enough posse (or even just one other person), you can do a quick switch-e-roo!

Quality-wise, the martinis were pretty good. For the special and size, I’d say I got my money’s worth. They were a good mix of sweet and strong, some hitting you sooner rather than later (and vice versa ā€“ yikes!). As a great after work meeting place, I say keep Pazza Notte on your radar.


7 out of 10

Pazza Notte
1375 Sixth Ave. (nr. 56th St)
New York, NY 10019

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