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Bakery for Breakfast.

I can’t pass up a bakery without going in.  I don’t have enough will power to say no, and this morning just proves it.  There I was walking down the street and minding my own business, when what should I pass?  A.  Bakery.  And as predicted… walked right in.  Never too early for a small bit of sugar I always say.

Cheeks Bakery (Williamsburg, Brooklyn)

Cheeks Bakery (Williamsburg, Brooklyn)

This is a cute one.  Small, cozy, and screams everything here is homemade!  There’s just something about walking into that kind of bakery that makes me happy.  If it’s not the all the baked goodies on display in glass casings or jars, it’s the smell of sugar and vanilla in the air.  Fabulously, Cheeks in Williamsburg has that in abundance.  And today, for me, despite the tempting offerings of cookies, brownies, tarts, and pies, I gravitated towards the fresh baked scones.  It was probably the morning air that did it, but all I know is that I had one GREAT banana (yes, banana) scone.  It wasn’t too dense.  It wasn’t too sweet.  It was light.  It crumbled in all the right places.  And unlike some of those triangular concoctions one might find in a Starbucks, this scone was moist, and didn’t taste like bread (aka that over compensating flour taste).  LOVED it.  I also ended up with a slice of their almond cake.  There is no frosting here, just powdered sugar sprinkled on top.  Simplicity in cake is the best sometimes.   The pound cake consistency could have been a little less dry, otherwise I loved how this cake was sweet without all the extras.

My happy note – the fact they sold Chocolate Pecan Pie.

… gotta go back here.


8 out of 10 stars.

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