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Macarons, Je’Taime.

There is nothing more I like to talk about than cookies. And I have recently discovered the most wonderful kind. The Macaron.

Now, I am not talking about what we Americans know as the Macaroon. I know it sounds similar, but these cookies are totally different.  This is no dense coconut cookie people!  We are going to have a discussion about the Parisian confection made of two petite almond flavored cookies with a filling in the middle. These cookies are both crunchy and chewy, and the filling delicate. It’s love in a small, effective dose.

Parisian Macarons come in many colors and different flavors. It tastes nothing like it looks. On first glance you would expect this to be a supreme sugar rush (ala Meringues – another discussion entirely!) on first bite. No, no, no. This cookie is light, creamy, and perfectly portioned. It is a sandwich cookie reinvented.

Here in NYC you will find no better example of this French delight than at the Macaron Cafe in the Fashion District of NYC. This is a small shop that will surprise you.  Like ice cream, there are plenty of flavors to choose from – variety is abundant here. I tried 6 different kinds, and all 6 got a “thumbs-up” reaction from me. I was sad to devour my last one!

The macarons at the Macaron Cafe have an almost velvet texture when bitten, and that taste of almond isn’t lost within whatever the flavor paste middle you have chosen. Pistachio. Vanilla. Chocolate. Nutella. Black Sesame. Expresso. Mango. You’ve even got flower flavors. Crazy sounding but delicious! The only down side is that if you get here at the end of the day you’re not going to find a lot to choose from, as sadly other people know this place exists! Get there early!

Price ranges from $1.50-$1.95 each, but trust in the fact that you don’t have to eat too many to appreciate this Parisian treat.

My flavor recommends: Any of the flower flavors and the Black Sesame.

Macarons, Je’Taime.


MacarOn Cafe 9 out of 10 stars
161 West 36th Street
New York, NY 10018

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