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Libertador, OK, The Name Sucks, But The Steak Is Great

Libertador had an extensive menu that looked great, but because the menu was extensive, I was wondering how good the food would be. I was pleasantly surprised because everything was quite tasty. Yay for Argentinian food!

Provoleta-I’m always a huge fan of cheese, and this is one dish that no one can mess up. I mean, it’s just melted cheese, yummy, yummy, yummy yum. Libertador mixes their’s up with beefsteak tomatoes, dried oregano and black pepper. I was trying to not fill up to much on it because I had a large steak coming my way, but then I thought that any sane person wouldn’t let provoleta go to waste.

Homemade ricotta ravioli-I mean, it wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t very good. Especially for homemade pasta, I was hoping that this would have been a more heavenly dish, but it fell flat. It also came to me kind of raggedy as if the skin wasn’t rolled out thick enough to hold all the filling together.

14 oz. Rib-eye, medium-rare-The rib-eye is my favorite cut of steak to eat. Marbled, tender, but lean, it is just so flavorful to me. Mine was cooked perfectly and didn’t need any sauces to accompany it. Though I did try their chimichurri sauce and some red concoction for the hell of it. Both were pretty good, I wish I got the name of what the red sauce was though. Guess I’ll have to go back and ask huh? The steak also came with  a side of French fries provencal (fries with various green herbs, seasonings and sometimes garlic like the ones at Libertador). They were delicious. I feel like heading to the kitchen to make some right now.

Panqueques de dulce de leche-Can you really go wrong with anything with dulce de leche? I mean, eating dulce de leche straight out of the can is a great dining experience in my eyes. While I didn’t find anything special about this dish, it was dulce de leche filled crepes with vanilla ice cream and caramel sauce, it was very good. Ugh, it’s making me remember my Bistro 61 crepe fiasco now.

My friends and I had taken over a bar area for our dinner and were able to watch them cook all of our steaks. The rest of the restaurant was quit spacious and it didn’t look like anyone had any problems with crowding. I’ll definitely be going back to Libertador, I won’t get the pasta this time though, I should have tried the empanadas and seen what they were all about.

And I must apologize, I’ve been cutting back a lot of my alcohol intake and didn’t have any of their appealing looking cocktails or wines so I can’t tell you how those were.

7 out of 10


Libertador Parrilla Argentina

1725 2nd Ave, New York NY10128

(212) 348-6222